Sustainability Statement

Calling all Faux Fighters…..

Now more than ever it is the time to be proactive in our sustainability efforts. Through making greener choices and developing new ranges made using kinder processes and materials, What The Faux are on a mission to do our bit for our planet.

Many of our faux furs are made mostly with post-consumer recycled materials; some are 100% made of recycled polyester!

We work with our Mills closely and are developing items using materials made with less energy consumption, less CO2 emissions, and less water.

The family run mills that we work very closely with are always working to make the manufacturing processes safer and more efficient. Almost 100% of the water that is used for the dyeing process is purified and reused. They also drastically reduce fiber waste by reusing leftover fibers as pre-consumer recycled material for certain furs.

All of the fibers that go into making our faux furs are certified and each shipment of chemicals are meticulously tested for faults before using them, ensuring product safety and minimizing waste.

 We endeavour to be a part of the ever changing and innovative processes involved in manufacturing our fabulous faux furs and are constantly investing in these positive changes for our wonderful industry.

Peace out Faux Fighters ✌

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